About Us


"The Body Achieves what the Mind Believes"

At IronButterfly 24, we transform these words through our services. The connect between the psyche and the physique is very robust. It facilitates a powerful metamorphosis through the many communications that the mind and body have with its million neurons and cells contained within the human body. From a fertilized egg in a mother’s womb to a fully grown adult, the human body has shown its innate ability to change its shape over time, fuelled by nutrition, thoughts, activity and emotions. Hence a human body can be rightly called as a shapeshifter, the one capable of shifting its shape to the tune of its will.

It is easier to stimulate changes to human biology, neural networks, biochemistry, hormones, and genes by way of inner events and outer stimulations. It is this knowledge and understanding that sets us apart in what we offer, which is a mind-body metamorphosis for holistic well-being. This collaborated with advanced scientific equipments and state-of-the-art facility is our differentiator. At IronButterfly 24 you will undergo a complete transformation in your Physical, Mental and Emotional well-being.